Fundamentals Of
Big Data Analytics

Course Title: Big Data Analytics 101

Master the fundamentals of big data analytics. You will get a comprehensive overview of the field of big data analytics, from its origins to current applications.

Course completion in 3.5 hours Certificate Provided
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This course includes:

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  • 3.5 Hours video
  • 5 use cases
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What you'll learn

Course completion in 6 hours

Learn what are the different types of Big Data.

Learn about Big Data Architecture Frameworks and how you can help you to decide on the most appropriate Big Data Technology for your projects.

Understand the importance of cloud for big data and analytics solutions.

Appreciate the different types of Big Data Analytics.

Learn from real life use case on how Big Data Analytics insights can be used for competitive advantage.


There are no advanced preparation or prerequisites needed.

About the Course

This course provides a comprehensive introductory overview of the concept of Big Data, and its technologies, architectures, and management. Participants can reap the benefits of this course when planning Big Data projects, and understanding the technology involved using different types of analytics such as Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning.

Who this course is for

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Anyone interested in Business Operations.

Anyone interested in Business Technology.

Anyone in Finance, Accounting, or related fields.

Course Content

Chapter 1: Introduction

Course Outline lectures.DurationInMinute

What, Why, and How of Big Data lectures.DurationInMinute

Segments of Big Data lectures.DurationInMinute

Growth of Big Data lectures.DurationInMinute

Case Study - Cloudera lectures.DurationInMinute

Public Cloud in Big Data lectures.DurationInMinute

The Challenges of Big Data Adaptation lectures.DurationInMinute

Data Silos lectures.DurationInMinute

Driving Factor in Big Data Investments lectures.DurationInMinute

Primary Driver of Big Data in Companies lectures.DurationInMinute

Takeaways lectures.DurationInMinute

Chapter 1 Quiz

Chapter 2: Big Data Technologies

Chapter 2 Overview lectures.DurationInMinute

Requirements of Big Data Architecture lectures.DurationInMinute

Converting Raw Data into Insight lectures.DurationInMinute

Establishing the Architectural Foundation lectures.DurationInMinute

Defining Big Data Architecture lectures.DurationInMinute

Evaluation Criteria Before Investing in Big Data Solution lectures.DurationInMinute

Asking the Right Questions to Start Big Data Project lectures.DurationInMinute

Logical Layers of Big Data lectures.DurationInMinute

Big Data Sources lectures.DurationInMinute

Data Massaging and Store Layer lectures.DurationInMinute

Analysis Layer lectures.DurationInMinute

Consumption Layer lectures.DurationInMinute

Big Data Reference Architecture lectures.DurationInMinute

Physical & Security Infrastructure lectures.DurationInMinute

Shared Infrastructure lectures.DurationInMinute

Resiliency and Redundancy lectures.DurationInMinute

Security Infrastructure lectures.DurationInMinute

Operational Database lectures.DurationInMinute

Non-Relational Databases lectures.DurationInMinute

SQL & NoSQL Database Engines lectures.DurationInMinute

How Data Lakes Work lectures.DurationInMinute

Extract Transform Load lectures.DurationInMinute

Analytical Data Warehouse lectures.DurationInMinute

Data Warehouse vs Data Lake lectures.DurationInMinute

Importance of Big Data Analytics lectures.DurationInMinute

Types of Visualisation Tools lectures.DurationInMinute

The Cloud's Role in Big Data lectures.DurationInMinute

Why The Cloud is Important for Big Data lectures.DurationInMinute

Defining Cloud Computing in Big Data lectures.DurationInMinute

Two Types of Cloud Model in Big Data lectures.DurationInMinute

Cloud Deployment Model lectures.DurationInMinute

Cloud Delivery Model lectures.DurationInMinute

Using The Cloud in Big Data lectures.DurationInMinute

Takeaways lectures.DurationInMinute

Chapter 2 Quiz lectures.DurationInMinute

Chapter 3: Managing Big Data - Software & Technology

Chapter 3 Overview lectures.DurationInMinute

Defining Big Data lectures.DurationInMinute

The Datafication of Our World lectures.DurationInMinute

Understanding Big Data & The 3 Vs of Big Data lectures.DurationInMinute

Big Data Technologies lectures.DurationInMinute

The Hadoop Story lectures.DurationInMinute

Technologies in Hadoop Ecosystem lectures.DurationInMinute

Hadoop HDFS lectures.DurationInMinute

Hadoop MapReduce lectures.DurationInMinute

Apache Spark lectures.DurationInMinute

HDFS vs Spark lectures.DurationInMinute

Apache Drill lectures.DurationInMinute

Data Preparation lectures.DurationInMinute

Clients Support for Drill lectures.DurationInMinute

Datastores Supported by Drill lectures.DurationInMinute

Distance to Data lectures.DurationInMinute

Evolution Towards Self-Service Data Exploration lectures.DurationInMinute

Hadoop Vendors lectures.DurationInMinute

Takeaways lectures.DurationInMinute

Chapter 3 Quiz

Chapter 4: Big Data Analytics

Chapter 4 Overview lectures.DurationInMinute

Big Data Analytics lectures.DurationInMinute

Types of Data Analytics lectures.DurationInMinute

Reasons Organisations Deploy Big Data Analytics lectures.DurationInMinute

Implementing a Big Data Analytics Solution lectures.DurationInMinute

Big Data Analytics Summary lectures.DurationInMinute

Big Data Analytics Process Flow lectures.DurationInMinute

How Big Data Analytics Are Being Used lectures.DurationInMinute

Basic Analytics lectures.DurationInMinute

Advanced Analytics for Insight lectures.DurationInMinute

Operationalised Analytics lectures.DurationInMinute

Monetising Analytics lectures.DurationInMinute

Big Data Analytics Solutions lectures.DurationInMinute

Machine Learning in Hadoop Ecosystem lectures.DurationInMinute

Machine Learning - Apache Mahout™ lectures.DurationInMinute

Spark MLlib lectures.DurationInMinute

Flink lectures.DurationInMinute

Takeaways lectures.DurationInMinute

Chapter 4 Quiz

Chapter 5: Use Cases

Chapter 5 Overview lectures.DurationInMinute

Amex lectures.DurationInMinute

Delta lectures.DurationInMinute

Walmart lectures.DurationInMinute

UPS lectures.DurationInMinute

Alibaba lectures.DurationInMinute

Ending lectures.DurationInMinute

Chapter 5 Quiz

Final Assessment

Final Assessment

Course Feedback

User Reviews

“I can understand better how organizations use data they gain for their own good and get insight into how to improve business operation using data analytics.”

Philip Khor Qing An

Risk - Retail Modelling,

“I learned a lot about big data, the key terms of innovation of it, types of big data, examples of the company used, type of database software used, and much more. Thanks CADS."

Nurul Nasrin Marshidi

Master Data Management Analyst, BDP International.

“Best fundamental and easy to understand course. This provides more insights and motivations for me to adopt what I had learned into my future works”

Muaz Abdul Rahim

Senior Associate, DHL Asia Pacific Shared Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I earn a certification upon finish the course?

To earn a Certificate of Completion, you must complete all the modules in the course.

How long does the course take?

We've prepared approximately 3.5 hours of learning content for you, however it is a self-paced online course and you can complete it on your own time.

How long will the course be available for me to complete?

The course will remain in your learning library for 1 Year.

How do I make payment?

We accept payments from any visa/mastercard transactions.

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